Coaching Programs

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” -Colin Powell, Former U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


1-on1 Coaching

The coaching programs listed below have helped hundreds of business owners achieve significant results in their businesses. Our 1-on-1 coaching programs force business owners to focus and devote the time necessary to achieve measurable results.


1. FreedomCOACH


Your ‘Making a Real Difference’ program is for those people who really want to kick their business along and achieve real goals for the year. Your business is probably already experiencing steady growth. You have some really solid groundwork in place and you and your Team might eventually make it happen anyway. You just know that working with me as your Personal and Business Coach would make a real difference to your lifestyle, the value and the position of your business in the marketplace. (This may be a prelude to your exit strategy!)

This program is not for the faint hearted or the non-committed; it is for those business owners who are really willing to make a difference and are not afraid of taking on challenges. With the ‘Making a Real Difference’ program, your personal and your business goals are combined. You understand that introducing systems and performance standards are the key to achieving what you want from your business in the future. Yes, we work on all areas of your business, but as your Coach, there is more demand to really perform and not let you get away with all those old habits that have been holding you and your business back. You must be committed to change.




The ‘Grow Your Business’ program is designed for those businesses who are determined to achieve significant growth in the next 12 months. Your business is probably already going well but you may typically need to rapidly expand your customer base, introduce a new product or open another outlet. You have some really good staff members in place but your business is struggling to reach its full potential. You are probably working way too many hours a week and the business would not be able to survive without your constant input.




This program suits those business owners who really are committed to get their business ahead. The type of business that most benefits from this program is a business who’s owner really wants their business to implement the strategies for improvement detailed in their ‘Alignment Consultation’ as quickly and effectively as possible.




This is a “Powerful” yet affordable 1 hour weekly coaching program for those small business owners excited about getting the education and skills needed to successfully grow their business. Your Coach will help with everything from setting your goals and vision right through to team building, marketing, sales and many of the basic fundamentals you need to get your business really moving.


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Group Coaching



1. ActionCLUB (Three levels – Entry, intermediate, advanced)


This program is designed for those business owners who know they want more out of their business but do not know how to get it. It’s really for businesses which have just started, don’t have the infrastructure to take full advantage of the more in-depth programs, or just need an injection of enthusiasm and guidance each month. It is also recommended as a follow on program for business owners that have completed 12 months of one-to-one mentoring.


2. Challenge46


This program concentrates on the “5 ways”, an ActionCOACH tool that focuses on the niche level of a business. These “ways” include leads, conversion rates, average invoice values, margins and profits. This program follows on from the above mentioned, ActionCLUB.


3. GrowthCLUB


 GrowthCLUB is a Quarterly workshop which was started to help clients and their management team plan and prepare their 90 day plan at week 13 of the coaching system. The purpose of the day is to assess where the business has got to on the their long term plan in the last 90 days and what needs to happen in the next 90 days to move the business forwards towards achieving that plan.

GrowthCLUB is also an ideal workshop for business owners and employees to attend. It helps to increase your learning and give you a structure to plan growth in their business and personal lives.


4. PlanningCLUB


PlanningCLUB is the newest group coaching program from ActionCOACH designed to help you work through the business planning process more simply, effectively and effortlessly than ever before – giving you a professional business plan (with action plans and strategies) specially developed for them through our iCoach planning software.

Your business not only gets the benefit of a business building workshop but ALSO the benefit of a comprehensive business plan you can take to investors or lenders, structured as 19 separate sections:

  1. The Business At a Glance
  2. USP, Mission, Success Factors, Capital Requirements
  3. History
  4. Products & Services
  5. Structure
  6. Success Factors
  7. SWOT
  8. Goals, Milestones, Strategies
  9. Marketing
  10. Sales
  11. Customer Management
  12. Pricing
  13. The Competitive Landscape
  14. Financial Plan
  15. 5 Year Income Statement
  16. 5 Year Annual Balance Sheet
  17. 5 Year Cash Flow
  18. Comprehensive Diagnostic
  19. Strategies For Improvement

During a two-day interactive workshop with your Planning Advisor, you will work within a group environment to improve key areas for your business. As well as building a business plan for your business, your business will be improved via a combination of business improvement sessions and individual tuition.


As well as working with your Planning Advisor in a group and individual situation during the one-day interactive workshop, you will meet with your Business Advisor within 7 business days to receive your concise business plan. Your Business Advisor will discuss with you, how you can use your business plan to grow your business, raise capital, and give confidence to existing shareholders, employees and suppliers.


You receive a robust business plan, including strategies for improvement, built for your business under the guidance of your Business Advisor.


5. BusinessRICH


The BusinessRICH Workshop is a fantastic two-day workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to build your knowledge so you are more capable of conducting your business and achieving some really great wins.


6. SalesRICH


The SalesRICH Workshop is an awesome one-day sales training workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to train you on how to be more effective in the area of sales. You can be trained with a number of different businesses in the workshop or only your entire sales team can be trained.


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