Business Education

We offer various 12 Week Business Programs catering to the needs of Business Owners and their Sales and Management Team.

12-Week Management MasterCLASS

This 12-week MasterCLASS is designed to help your and your management team to achieve improved management performance by upgrading your skills and techniques. Through this comprehensive program, you will progress through 3 stages of personal and professional growth.

  • 12 Weekly Session
  • Management vs Leadership
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Creating Your Standards
  • + 9 other areas to focus on this year!
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12-Week Sales MasterCLASS

This 12 Week MasterCLASS is a series of educational sessions to help you and/or your sales team to hone your selling skills, help you focus, and keep up to date on the best practices every great professional must master. After this 12-week MasterCLASS, we know your business tool kit will be replenished, refreshed, and re-energized to assist you and/or your sales team's audacious goals!

  • 12 Weekly Session
  • Create Your Proper Sales Process
  • Learn the Best Sales Strategies for a Recession
  • How to Build Rapport
  • Know Your Numbers!
  • + 9 other areas to focus on this year