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“ActionCOACH has coached more clients, won more awards, gained more recognition, and produced more profits than any other coaching company of its kind in the world. Our simple and systemised approach to business has benefited business owners around the world with more time, more effective teams, and most importantly, more money”

– Harry Welby-Cooke

Many years ago we made a PACT that anyone who engages with us and becomes part of our ActionCOACH Community would make a PACT to take ACTION hence where we got our ActionCOACH ActionPACT Team Name. ACTION speaks louder than words that is why, when you see our Personality Traits you will understand why we are called ActionPACT.


(COACH – the WHY)

Known for her reliability and practicality


But there is a softer side (yes it is there for those who get to know her).  She has a deep-seated emotional strength (yes her clients have seen a tear in her eye and a whimper in her voice at the most in appropriate times) and stability that often translates into high emotional intelligence.


She has the patience to listen, the sensitivity to empathise and, the stability to not be swayed easily by emotional upheavals. Marlene does not do drama.


She creates a safe and comfortable space for those she engages with to enable them to express their feelings in a space they feel safe


With her grounded nature, she understands that emotional ups and downs are part of her clients ‘coaching journey and, she again navigates these with an emotional intelligence.

Hear more from our clients on their coaching journey


(MENTOR – the HOW)

 She knows what her priorities are, so she will make sure everything turns out great (I’m sure for those of you who are following us has seen her work)


With a knack for perfectionism, she tries to build the best possible outcome. She can be critical but only because she cares deeply about our Clients and Prospects (hopefully me as well) or her situation she is faced with.


She is dedicated, driven and analytical but she is also good with emotions (that is why she is called my ‘Warm and Fuzzy’).  She is always there to help our Clients and prospects when they are in need of a listening ear (she does make time for me as well)

She is hard working, creative, reliable, patient, kind… need I carry on.


She loves connecting with people


She makes a great Employee as her critical thinking and analytical skills means she is always looking for the next big thing and how to improve on her work (her marketing flair is proof of this) as well as the amazing testimonials we have received from our Clients 

If you resonate with us and it fits with what you have in mind to move you, your business, and your Team forward and upwards then it’s time to take ACTION!


November Conference 2022

The Remarkable Shift

Following our National Conference in November 2022, Lauren and I found ourselves inspired to make a rather uncomfortable yet undeniably necessary shift. For nearly three years, we had been operating in a virtual space, utilising virtual platforms to connect with our Clients, Prospects, and anyone else we engaged with. However, we ultimately realised the importance of shifting towards face-to-face interactions. This decision allowed us to re-engage with individuals on a more human and personal level.


As a team, this shift brought about a transformation in our approach. Previously, our primary focus was on accountability and achieving tangible results. While these aspects remain essential, we recognised the need to expand our scope. Now, our coaching consists of community building and education as well. We strongly believe that by fostering a sense of belonging among like-minded business owners and imparting knowledge through educational platforms, we will provide a REMARKABLE experience for our clients/members of ActionCOACH.


In order to truly deliver this remarkable experience - the word that encapsulates our vision for 2023 - it became clear that a face-face environment would be crucial. 


Through this transitioning we have created a platform where meaningful business connections thrive and valuable insights are shared. This change not only represents a step forward for us but also signifies our commitment to adaptability and growth in an ever-evolving landscape of business coaching.


Overall, the lessons learned from our National Conference have inspired us to embrace discomfort as a catalyst for positive change. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we forge deeper connections with our clients/prospects and build a stronger community of business owners united by their desire to excel. The journey towards achieving remarkable experiences has just begun, and we look forward to embarking on it together with passion and unwavering dedication.

Contact us if you are ready to
embark on the journey with us!

Introducing The Pencil (Feb 2023) giving us  the remarkable experience.

With our new journey the right venue had to be found  that would entice our ActionCOACH clients/members and other business owners to overcome traffic obstacles and join us to make a difference in their businesses and lives.


After much consideration, we found that The Pencil Club provides the perfect environment for us to perform at our best. 

Our New Chapter at

the Pencil Club

The Pencil Club accommodates one-on-one client sessions, team workshops, and our MemberSHIP C.A.R.E ecosystem for businesses. We are proud to have been the first in South Africa to launch this initiative (more details in our upcoming newsletter).


Thanks to Lauren working with me for 9 years so she knew we were ready for this new venture – yes she pushes me out of my comfort zone, we are ready for this new venture.


With The Pencil taking care of all guest needs, we can focus on what we excel at - serving our clients, teams, and anyone else we engage with. In the past, Lauren handled all these responsibilities when we rented offices in Westville.


This move also allows us to grow without the need for larger venues. We have a plan to accommodate 99 members comfortably in The Pencil’s ballroom - which offers an incredible view of Durban.

(Virtual to Face to Face March 2023)

So to enable our transition to be more comfortable we decided to have a celebration on our journey through ActionCOACH over our 15 years and invited all our past Clients, current Clients as well as other special guests who have supported us throughout our journey.  What an amazing experience meeting our Clients, who we had never met in person as well as our past Clients who were so open to take their time out of their busy lives to celebrate with us – a BIG Thank YOU!


Thank you to our Master Licensee Harry Welby-Cooke who has been by my side through the good, the bad and the ugly (yes we also are Business Owners) who celebrated with us on the day.


We also took this opportunity to Introduce our MemberSHIP C.A.R.E Program as well as our 12-Week Sales and Management MasterCLASS Workshops which are value added offerings ActionCOACH have recently introduced to Business Owners. 

Interview with Chrissie Kjelvei

Badges for Africa Family business for 25 yrs

Some Feedback From Our Clients & Their Journey With Us.

Interview with David Kirk

Alignment with Laser Family Business of 33 yrs

Interview with Sipho Mogapi

Lubanzi ICT Consulting

We were honoured to launch the 1st MemberSHIP C.A.R.E Program in ActionCOACH South Africa with  our Clients, some of our guests from our Celebration event as well as new guests who joined us to launch our very 1st MemberSHIP C.A.R.E Workshop


Our first virtual International Speakers were:-

  • Our very own Founder and CEO of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars talking about The end result of Business

  • Sharon Lechter sharing her expertise in the topic of “Exit RICH(Watch Teaser Video)
  • Harry Welby-Cooke our Master Licensee since 2007 for ActionCOACH RoSA and our support who spoke about the topic of “MRS ROI” – you had to be there! Speaker, Coach, Country Partner of ActionCOACH South Africa, Founder of LegacyBRANDZ

Speaker, Coach, Country Partner of ActionCOACH South Africa, Founder of LegacyBRANDZ

Our 2nd MemberSHIP Workshop was held in April (What got you here won’t get you there) with the following International virtual Speakers:-

  • Brad Sugars “Growing your People”
  • Dr Marshall Goldsmith sharing his expertise on the topic of “What got you here won’t get you there(Watch Teaser Video)

Dr Goldsmith also shared 2 documents with our Clients/Members

  • Making a Resolution that matters
  • Leadership Contact Sport

GrowthCLUB 90-Day Planning Workshop

We held our first in person GrowthCLUB since March 2020 (we won’t go there) so this was special.  It was also Lauren’s and my first GrowthCLUB in person together and with our clients who we had not ever met in person since they joined us.


Only 2% of Business Owners have a written plan and even fewer stick to it.  Not our Clients/Members of ActionCOACH

Our Clients/Members enjoyed the day which highlighted these gems from investing the day ‘out of the office

  • Mapped out their next 90 days
  • Focused together with peer to peer Business Owners
  • Had access to their Business Coach (Why) and Mentor (How)
  • Learnt from the strategies implemented in their businesses
  • Widened their sphere of contacts by networking with other Business Owners
  • Heard valuable lessons from others in the room

Everyone left with clear focus on where their business will be after 90 Days as well as a plan to get them there

They also were given a Quarter Success Pack which they completed during the day with all the ‘tools in a ‘box’’ to reference to during their weekly/bi-weekly Coaching Sessions to hold them accountable

Their Tool Box contains:

  • Success Review of past quarter
  • 6 Step ScoreCARD
  • 90 Day Goals
  • Personal Goal
  • Business Must Achieve Goal 

  • ActionPLAN
  • 13 week cycles

  • Test and Measure Tools (Show me the Money Honey)
  • Financial numbers 
  • Marketing numbers 
  • Sales numbers

  • Weekly Focus Sheet (Discipline) 
  • Financials (Money) 
  • Budget
  • Actuals
  • Growth Tracker

  • Default Diary (Time)

Yes, it is a lot but what you put in you will get out and it is just that much easier when you have your Goals and Plans written down and actioned on.


If you would like to find out more about attending our next GrowthCLUB in August click on the button below: 


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Decisions! Decisions!

As business owners, we are problem solvers. In order to solve problems, decisions need to be made. But, how do we know if the decisions we make are the right ones?


When working with my clients we ensure that whatever decision we make will have either a positive or negative impact. As such it is important to ensure that the decisions we need to make are informed.


This means that we take a proactive approach rather than a re-active approach to the decision-making process. Yes, easier said than done, especially when we sometimes have to think on our...