I hold various workshops available for Business Owners and their teams to promote SYSTEMISATION and GROWTH within your Business


In all types of companies, your team members are the biggest asset to the Company, and when your team is as passionate about the Company as you are there should be synergy in all areas.

Isn't that the ideal image of a successful Company, but is it possible!

Understanding your team, your team understanding each other, and understanding the internal and external challenges in your Company is the key to leverage.

Unfortunately, Internal conflict, lack of communication, different working styles, and/or lack of direction or understanding of the Company Goals and Personal Goals are a few challenges that lead to frustrations among employees within an organization.

These types of challenges can play a major factor in your Company's Growth!

In most Company's often their employees see themselves as being just the “Staff” instead of being a “Team Member” who plays an integral part in the Company's Growth and Success.

With our TeamALIGN we aim to explore and improve the different dynamics among your team, from Owners/Directors/Team Leaders through to the lowest level Team Members. There is no team size too large or small!

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Do you want your business to succeed?

Well, the reality is avoiding your numbers is not an option!

This program offers the REAL world education and simple, practical financial tools needed to master the finances in your business.

If you’re in business to make money, you’re probably relying on either your emotions or your limited intellect.

In this workshop, you will learn to know, understand and love your numbers to enable you to make informed, intelligent, and strategic business decisions!

Your numbers tell a story - learn what they are saying so you can make more solid financial decisions.

Contact me today if you suffer from Arithmophobia and want to get to know, understand and love your numbers!

Don't let Finance Terminology get the better of you!

ARITHMOPHOBIA NO MORE-   Ending your fear of numbers, one financial practical tool at a time

 Half or Full Day Virtual Workshops (Investment to be agreed)

(Workshops repeat every quarter or based on demand)

Contact Lauren to secure your slot.

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